About Us

Our Vision:
To passionately serve medical practice owners in their pursuit of personalized success.
Our Mission:
To be the first choice in the medical practice industry for purchases and sales, staff recruitment, practice management, business development and strategic marketing.
Our Core Values:
These values are instilled across our organization; it is what we stand for and what we embody

  • Integrity
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
Gap Consulting  is a full-service medical practice consulting and management company that provides the following specialized services related to new and existing medical practices:
  • Clinic design and construction
  • Financing
  • Technology setup and management
  • Marketing and business development
  • Practice management
  • EMR and Billing management
  • Medical staff recruitment
  • Buying and selling practices
  • Appraisals
  • Strategic partnerships and investing
Gap consulting  is at the forefront of the medical practice industry. With our innovative and client-centric management solutions, we have an unrivaled depth of experience, national reach capabilities and insightful market intelligence. Our team of seasoned professionals are uniquely positioned to provide industry leading medical management services and support. Unlike other companies, it is our unwavering commitment to putting our clients first, that we have built the reputation of consistently achieving above average results.
Gap consulting is made up of a team of highly skilled experts that have extensive experience in their dedicated practice areas. We take great pride in helping medical business owners achieve individual and clinical success by taking the time to understand their needs and goals.