Welcome to GAP Consulting

GAP Consulting is a full-service medical practice consulting and management company that provides a host of specialized services related to new and existing medical practices. At GAP we strive to help medical professionals and investors in making healthy business choices that allow them to grow and prosper. As respected leaders, our experienced team of medical and business consultants stand at the ready to help you build and manage your medical practice.
Your partner for success !!

Still Working In a Job?

Are you still working hard as a physiotherapist for some else?

Do you think owning a clinic is too risky?

GAP Consulting helps you de-risk it and OWN your dreams. Stop working hard for someone else and make that money for your own self by starting your own practice.  We are a team of experienced health professionals and management graduates who have helped numerous healthcare practices. We understand that taking the first step is not just difficult but needs a lot of handholding till you can walk on your OWN! Our experienced team is your partner who will “walk-the-talk” and not only help you decide but also help you implement your dreams!

We have helped many health professionals on the entrepreneurial journey of fulfilling their long drawn ambition of buying or starting a practice. Our established business planning helps “de-risk” the business proposition and is tailor-made to your individual goals.

Don’t put it off any longer. CALL 1-855-MEET-GAP today!

About Us

Our Vision:
To passionately serve medical practice owners in their pursuit of personalized success.
Our Mission:
To be the first choice in the medical practice industry for purchases and sales, staff recruitment, practice management, business development and strategic marketing.
Our Core Values:
These values are instilled across our organization; it is what we stand for and what we embody

  • Integrity
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics

What can we do for your healthcare practice?

      1. Compare with industry GOALS
        Goals are important for the success of any business. We help you define business goals and continuously track them to ensure you do not deviate from them.
      2. Reduce your COSTs
        Given our depth of experience in the healthcare industry, we will help you reduce your costs at no upfront fee. We just take our share of the saved costs. If we don’t save you don’t pay, its as simple!
      3. Manage the TEAM
        We have a large accessible talent pool for making sure your vacancies are always filled up with the best talent in the industry !
      4. Unlock the VALUE
        You know the value of your house, your car, your investments but do you know the value of your healthcare practice, which you worked so hard to build? Take advantage of our FREE valuation service for unlocking the value of your healthcare practice.
      5. Get back to things you really love doing!
        Whether its treating patients or spending that special weekend with the family, GAP Consulting helps you focus on the things that you love through our OMPTM approach !